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November 25, 2013

Get Your Entire Team Using WebMerge

Have you been sharing a WebMerge login with other people on your team?  We’ve got some good news for you – you no longer have to share!  We have just launched the ability for you to add your whole team to WebMerge.  Each person on your team will have his/her own user account that will have access to documents in your account.

You can even control the permissions that each user has for your account.  These permissions include creating documents, creating data routes, and controlling access on a per document basis.  This allows you to have members on your team to have “read only” access which allows them to review documents in your account, but they cannot make any changes.

This feature is currently available to our Business and Enterprise accounts.  If you are on one of our lower plans, simply upgrade your account and you’ll have immediate access to create as many users as you need.
To create a new user in your account, please go to your Account page and choose the Users option.  On this page, you’ll see your account by default.  Go ahead and click the New User button and enter the required information.

If this user you added is not an Account Admin, you’ll want to customize their permissions.  After you create the user, we’ll redirect you to a page that allows you to give the user access to specific documents and data routes.  “Read Only” access allows users to see document settings (but not change) and allows them to create merges.

You’ll also notice a setting for the “Primary” user on your account.  This setting is used for you to indicate the primary contact for your account (billing emails, notifications, etc).

We hope that this new feature will allow you to integrate WebMerge into your business workflows and allow your team to easily manage their own documents.

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