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January 21, 2014

Get Your Documents Signed Using CudaSign, formerly SignNow

Electronic signatures have become standard in streamlining the document generation and procurement process.  Making it easy for your customers to sign their contracts, proposals, or even getting signatures for internal approvals, will save you time, money, and help you close deals faster.  CudaSign, formerly SignNow is the leading mobile e-signature platform and we’re excited to announce that we now integrate directly with their platform!  Easily generate contracts, reports, and other customized documents using WebMerge and have them sent directly to CudaSign for signature.

Below we’re going to show you how easy it is to generate a contract and send it to CudaSign for the client to sign.  The first step is to setup the document in WebMerge. We’ve taken a pretty boilerplate contract and put in our template variables for the customized information (name, company, pricing, terms, etc) that will be unique to each specific contract.

Our next step is to setup the Delivery option that will send the merged contract to CudaSign.  For this step, you’ll need to go to the Delivery tab, then click New Delivery and choose CudaSign.  The CudaSign API uses OAuth to authorize our app to be able to send documents to your account, so you’ll need to login and give us access to do so.  Click the Login to CudaSign button.

After you have authorized WebMerge, you will be redirected back to the Delivery setup.  Here is where you will indicate who should be signing the document.  This can be a specific person/email address or you can use a variable that you have setup in your document.  For our example, the signer will be the client, so we are going to use the “email” variable we have setup in our document.  There are also a few other settings your can setup under the Advanced Options.

Once you have the Delivery setup, our next step is to generate a sample contract to see this all working!  Let’s jump over to the Merge tab and click the Manual Entry option.  Here, you’ll see a Merge URL, go ahead and click that and you’ll see a simple form that lists all of the variables that are in your document.  Enter in the information you’d like merged to the contract and click Merge.  This will send that information to your document and then send the document to CudaSign.  If you check the email address you sent the contract to, you should see an email from CudaSign about needing a signature.  From this point on, CudaSign will handle the process of signing and communicating with your customer.

That’s it!  To really automate this process, you should hook this contract up to an online form you put on your website, or integrate with a CRM like Salesforce.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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