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March 26, 2014

Generate a Statement of Work Agreement from Base CRM Deal

Base CRM was designed to significantly boost your team’s sales productivity and give you the core sales tools you need to grow your business.  From qualifying new leads, to tracking new deals, to helping your teams manage the entire process, Base CRM can be a great asset to your business.  In this example, we are going to show you how to automatically generate a Statement of Work agreement from a newly “won” deal.

As always, our first step is to setup the template in WebMerge.  We’ve already got a statement of work template built in Word, so we’re just going to upload that to WebMerge. This document has information about the customer, the pricing of the deal, and a description of the work that will be completed.

Once we have the document setup, we’re going to need to use Zapier to handle the task of automatically sending the information from Base to WebMerge when a deal is updated to “won” status.  Let’s head on over to Zapier and create a new Zap that connects Base (New Deal Won) and WebMerge (Create Document Merge).

After we’ve authenticated the Base and WebMerge accounts in Zapier, we need to map the Base fields to the WebMerge document.  To do this you select the WebMerge document you want to merge, then that will load a list of the merge fields in your document.  For each of those merge fields, you need to choose which Base CRM field you want that to map/link to that field.

Save that Zap and then let’s jump over to Base and give this a try!  We’re going to create a new Deal in Base – making sure we have all the information we need in our Statement of Work document.  Once we add the new deal, let’s go in and update the stage of the deal to “Won”.  This will automatically trigger Zapier to grab the information about this deal and send it over to WebMerge and we’ll generate the document.  How’s that for easy?

d You’re all set!  Now, whenever you update a deal in Base to the “Won” stage, Zapier will automatically send that information to WebMerge and we’ll create that document and email it to your client, send it for e-signature, or whichever other delivery options you have setup.  What are some other documents that you could automate from Base by using WebMerge?

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