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March 06, 2014

Generate Dynamic Contracts from Podio

Podio is a great tool that can help your teams organize projects, sales pipelines, and more.  With Podio you can create your own customized apps that are flexible to meet your needs.  From HR to Marketing to Sales, every department can utilize Podio.  You can even build web forms to collect information from customers, job applicants, etc.

In this example we’re going to show you how to integrate Podio with WebMerge to generate customized Statement of Work for Podio Leads.  We’ll be using Zapier to connect Podio with WebMerge as well.

The first step is to setup our document/contract in WebMerge.  You can use any of our popular formats, but for this example we’re just going to use a Word document that we have already setup.  The contract is going to have information about the lead/business, a few conditional sections/terms based on the location of their business and the description and price of the work to be done.

Once we’ve got that document uploaded to WebMerge, let’s jump into Podio and make sure we have our Leads setup with all the necessary information/fields.  Here is what our Lead app looks like:

Now that we have our Lead setup, let’s go over to Zapier and connect it all together.  We’re going to create a New Zap, then choose Podio as the trigger and WebMerge as the action.  Once you’ve authenticated the accounts, go ahead and pick your Workspace, then the Lead app from Zapier settings.  After that you’ll want to pick your WebMerge document (the Statement of Work) and map the fields from the document to your Podio Lead.

Once Zapier is all setup we’re going to change our delivery option from an email to send the document to SignNow for e-signature.  They’ll handle the whole e-signature process for you and collect signatures from the Lead.  To set that up, go back into WebMerge and click the Delivery tab for your document.  Click the New Delivery button and follow the steps from there.

That’s it! You are all done and can now easily generate your Statement of Work from all the Leads that are put into your Podio account.  What other types of documents could you generate using Podio and WebMerge?

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