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June 03, 2019

Generate Customer Invoices in 4 Steps with Salesflare

Who needs this tutorial?

This tutorial is for anyone who loves Salesflare but wants more automation. Stop wasting time copying and pasting data from Salesflare into Word documents. If you’re looking for a more efficient way to generate your invoices, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’re going to walk you through the step-by-step instructions to automatically populate and send a customer invoice when you update an opportunity stage to Won.


Before you get started…

Before you get started, you’ll need a few things.

  1. An editable invoice template with merge fields ({$FirstName}, {$DealName}, etc.)
  2. A free Zapier account
  3. Your WebMerge API Key
  4. Your Salesflare API Key

4 steps to set it up

#1 ​​​​​Upload your template into WebMerge.

To get started, upload an invoice template to your WebMerge account. You can use a template from our website, build a template with our document builder, or upload a Microsoft Word or PDF template with merge fields.  

#2 Customize your delivery options.

After you’ve uploaded and titled your document, you’ll select an option for how you’d like to receive and view your document. For this example, we’ve selected the email delivery option.


You need to tell WebMerge where your data is coming from. Since we want our invoice to be generated every time a deal stage is updated in Salesflare, we’ll select the third-party integration option.


Next, you’ll be taken to the settings tab. Here, you’ll customize your document output. For this example, we’ve chosen for our document to be delivered as a PDF, and we’ve customized our document title.



Now, it’s time to set up the delivery of our document so the populated invoice is automatically emailed to our customer. WebMerge has already prepared a template email for you, but you’ll likely want to make a few edits. Select “Edit” on the template email.

The first setting you’re going to change is where the invoice is being sent. Since we want our client to receive the invoice, we’re going to select “Merge Field” for the “To” address. If you don’t have a merge field in your document for the customer’s email address, choose <> from the dropdown, then enter {$Email} in the box.

We’ll also edit the body of the email to ensure the email sounds natural and professional. We’ll personalize the email by adding merge fields. Here’s what our final delivery email looks like:

invoice email template


#3 Integrate using Zapier.

Now, we’ll navigate to Zapier. Inside Zapier, we’re going to set up a New Zap. For the Trigger, we’re going to choose Salesflare as the app, then New Opportunity as the trigger.


Salesflare Zapier Trigger

Zapier will then ask you to authenticate your Salesflare account. Once that’s done, Zapier will load a test opportunity to make sure everything is working correctly. Now, we’ll select Edit Options from the left-hand navigation panel. This will let us customize our Zap so it is triggered when the stage is updated to Won.  



Salesflare Zapier Trigger



Next, we’re going to set up the Action of our Zap. Choose WebMerge for the app and then Create Document Merge as the action.


Salesflare Zapier Trigger


#4 Map your merge fields.

After you authenticate your accounts, Zapier will load a list of all the documents in your account.  Select your invoice template, and Zapier will load a list of the merge fields in your document.

After you have matched up all your merge fields, you’re ready to turn on your Zap. Test it out by logging in to Salesflare and moving an opportunity to the Won stage. Zapier will detect the trigger and send the data over to WebMerge where your invoice will be generated.

WebMerge works for you as everything from an online invoice generator to a company budget automator. Now, you don’t need to waste time manually entering data and sending emails. Start making time for new, important work by trying WebMerge free today!

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