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July 17, 2015

Generate Client Review Documents from Salesforce

Managing your financial advising practice couldn’t be easier with Salesforce.  You can easily track your prospects as they turn in to clients and then keep track of all their detailed financial records over time.  With WebMerge, you can utilize all that information you’ve collected on your clients and populate personalized reports, PowerPoint presentations, and more with just the click of a button.

In this example, we’re going to show you how you can populate a review document (in Word format) that you can use for your yearly review with the client. 

To get started, we’re going to setup our review template in WebMerge.  We’re going to use a Word document as our template so that we can easily export a document that we can edit during the review with the client.  In our template we’re going to add our merge fields for all the pertinent information about the client, such as {$Name}, {$Spouse}, {$Annual_Income}, etc.

Here’s what our review template looks like:

In our document we need to list our dependents and financial accounts in the document.  There are going to come from Salesforce as “lists” so we are going to need to “loop” through them in our document.  To handle the loop, we are going to use the {tablerow} tag (more info here) inside a table in our Word document.  Here’s what our table looks like:

That should finish up our template, so we’re ready to upload it to WebMerge.  From the Documents page in WebMerge, click the New Document button and give it a name.  On the next step you’ll want to choose the Office Document type and then pick the file from your computer to Upload.

On the settings screen we are going to keep the Output as a Word document, but we’re going to change the File Name so that it includes the name of our client.  Go ahead and save those settings and move on to the next step.

The next step is to setup the delivery method of our merged document.  We’re going to save all of our client documents in personalized folders (one for each client) in Box.  This will allow us to keep all of our documents organized and make them easy to share/edit during the reviews.

On the Deliver tab, go ahead and click the New Delivery button and choose Box.  You’ll be asked to login to Box and then you’ll need to pick the main folder where you want to save the documents. 

To setup the personalized folders, click the More Options button then check the box to use Merge Fields as a Subfolder.  You’ll then choose the merge field you used for the client’s name.

Great work!  We’re now done with the document setup and now we’re ready to jump into Salesforce and setup the integration.  If you haven’t done so already, please install the WebMerge application from the AppExchange and follow the setup guide.

From the Webmerge Mappings page in Salesforce, click the New WebMerge Mapping button.  On the New Mapping page you’re going to select the primary object (the Client) that you’ll be pulling data from and then you’ll pick the review document that you uploaded to WebMerge.  Click Save and Next.

On the next step, you’re going to see some of the same settings at the top, but we’re interested in the Field Mapping section of the page.  This is where we can setup the integration of our merge fields to our Salesforce data.  Each of the merge fields in your document as going to be listed on the left and for each one you’ll need to pick the corresponding Salesforce field.

Once you have all of the fields mapped, go ahead and Save and Activate the mapping.  This will make the template available to merge from the Client records.  When looking at a Client record, you’ll see a WebMerge button towards the top.

Click the WebMerge button and you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose the template you’d like to merge.  Pick the Client Review template and it will automatically send that client’s information over to WebMerge, we’ll generate the document, then save it in Box.

Go ahead and run a test to make sure everything is working as you expect!  If you need to fix anything, you can go back and edit your Word document, then upload a new version under the Manage File tab in WebMerge. Here’s what our test looked like:

Congrats, you’re all done!  Now you can generate the client reviews in seconds and speed up your meeting prep time to minutes instead of hours.  Share this with your team and you’ll be the office hero!

Can you think of any other ways that you could use WebMerge to generate PDF, Word, or other types of documents from Salesforce to simplify your paperwork process?

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