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June 16, 2015

Generate an Invoice for a Deal Won in OnePageCRM

We’ve shown you how you can send engagement letters to new contacts that you add into OnePageCRM, but we want to show you another way you can integrate your OnePageCRM data with WebMerge.  In this example we’re going to show you how you can automatically generate an invoice when you update a deal in OnePageCRM with a “Won” status.

Our first step is going to be building our invoice in WebMerge.  We’re going to use the online editor to build the invoice, so go ahead and click the New Document button, type in a name, then choose the “Build Your Own” option.

On the next step it is going to load the Document Builder.  Here is where you’ll setup the invoice template – adding your logo, contact information, and the merge fields where your deal data will go.  You can add merge fields like {$CompanyName}, {$ContactName}, etc.  Here’s what our invoice template looks like:

Once you finish the template, go ahead and save the document.  On the next step you’ll be able to modify the document settings like the name, but we’re going to need to turn on Test Mode (at the bottom of the page) and then check the box to turn on Debug mode.  We’re going to use this to determine the field names OnePageCRM is sending over.  We’re also going to turn on the Field Map so we can easily map the OnePageCRM data fields to our document merge fields. Under the Advanced Options, click the option to turn on the Field Map.  Then save the settings.

Now that you have the settings done, let’s jump over to the Deliver tab and update the email delivery so that the invoice is emailed directly to our customer.  We can do that by choosing the Email merge field under the “To” settings.  If you don’t have an email merge field in your document, choose <<other>> from the dropbox, then type in {$Email}.  This will add the merge field so you can map it on the Field Map.

Next, we’re going to setup our webhook in OnePageCRM so that data is automatically sent to WebMerge as you make updates in the CRM.  To generate your Webhook URL, we’ve setup a URL generator at https://www.webmerge.me/scripts/onepagecrm.  Go ahead and open up that generator and fill out the information.  You’ll be asked to enter your OnePageCRM login information (so we can grab data via the API), your Merge URL for your document, and optionally you can add filters.  For this example we’re only going to be looking at Deals with a “status” equal to “Won”.

After you enter all the information into the Webhook Builder, go ahead and copy the generated Webhook URL and create a new Webhooks inside of OnePageCRM (https://app.onepagecrm.com/app/webhooks).  Once you add the new webhook, OnePageCRM will start sending data to WebMerge

The last step in the process is going to be mapping the OnePageCRM fields to your document’s merge fields.  In order to do this, we need to do a test merge from OnePageCRM, so go ahead and open up one of your Deals and change the Stage to “Won”.

Now, go back into WebMerge and click on the Overview tab for your document.  You should see a View Data button in the Recent Merges section.  Go ahead and click that and it will show you all of the fields that are coming over from OnePageCRM.  You can click on each of the fields and it will show you the merge tag that you need to either use in your document, or you can map them in the Field Map.

We’re going to show you how use the Field Map, so go ahead and open another tab and load the Field Map tab for your document.  Then for each of the merge fields you put in your document, put the corresponding merge field codes (that you can see from your recent merge on the Overview tab) in the corresponding boxes.  Like this:

Once you have all of those fields mapped, go ahead and save the Field Map.  That’s it!  Now jump back into OnePageCRM and run another test merge just to make sure everything is working properly.  Here’s what our example invoice looked like:

Pretty cool, right? What other ways could you use WebMerge to generate quotes, contracts, and any other type of document from OnePageCRM?

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