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January 23, 2019

Automatically Generate a Price Quote from Salesforce

Using a customer relationship manager (CRM) like Salesforce is a great way to monitor how your customers are moving through the different stages of the sales cycle. Sending customers price quotes is a critical component of that cycle, and it's often the most time-consuming. Finding ways to automate your document and quote generation can go a long way towards saving your organization time and money.

Today, we’re going to show you how to use Salesforce to automatically populate a customized price quote template.

To get started, make a copy of the document you usually use to manually generate price quotes. Leave your document in Microsoft Word, but remove any company or pricing-specific information. Where you want data to populate, we’ll insert merge fields, which we will map later in Salesforce. In our Word document, these merge fields look like this: {$FirstName}, {$Company}, etc.

Here’s the template we’ll use for this example:

Once we have our template, we’re ready to upload it into WebMerge. From the Documents page in WebMerge, click New Document and enter a name for your document. Then, select the Microsoft Word option.

Next, navigate to the Deliver tab in WebMerge, where you can create an email to automatically send a notification with an attachment once Salesforce populates your template.

Now, it’s time to head to Salesforce. If you have not already, you’ll need to download WebMerge from the Salesforce App Exchange. To do this, visit the App Exchange and search for WebMerge, or find it here. Select the Get It Now button, and Salesforce will ask you to re-login to your account.

Don’t forget to add your WebMerge API and Secret Key to your account to ensure you have the correct access to move forward.

For our next step, we’ll stay in Salesforce and navigate to the WebMerge App to start a new WebMerge Mapping. Now, we’ll title our mapping, provide a description, and select Quote as our Salesforce object.

Map the fields as you would like them to appear in your price quote. Once you have matched up all of your merge fields, you’ll want to create a rule to automatically generate your quote. For this example, we will ask Salesforce to generate our price quote every time a quote record is created.

Now, we’re ready for a test!  Create a new quote in Salesforce and wait for the populated Word document to be sent to your email.

Following these steps can help you automate all kinds of different document workflows. What documents could you automatically generate using WebMerge and Salesforce? Find out by adding the WebMerge app to your Salesforce account today with a free trial!  

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