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October 12, 2015

Generate a Certificate of Completion from Infusionsoft

Running classes and events is hard enough, but trying to keep track of registrations, who’s already been in a call, who’s paid, etc can be even harder.  However, when you have a tool like Infusionsoft, your life will be a lot easier.

With Infusionsoft, you can collect leads for the classes, setup email campaigns to keep them engaged, and even manage payment for the classes.  Then, you can bring in WebMerge to automatically generate documents like receipts, certificates, etc and save them right in Infusionsoft.

In this example, we’re going to show you how you can generate a Certificate of Completion from Infusionsoft and we’ll email the certificate to the attendee and save it in Infusionsoft.

To get started, we’re going to setup our certificate.  We’re going to use a Word document as our certificate template.  Inside our template, we’re going to add our merge fields so the system knows where to place our participant’s information.  These merge tags look like {$FirstName}, {$LastName}, etc.

Here’s what our certificate template looks like:

Once you have your document ready, it’s time to upload it to WebMerge.  From the Documents page in WebMerge, click the New Document button and then enter a name.  On the next step, pick Office Document as the document type and then upload your file from your computer.

After you’ve uploaded the file, you’ll be taken to the Settings tab where you can change options like the name of the file that is generated, the type of file that is produced, and more.  For this example, we’re going to produce a PDF and add the participant’s name to the file.

Our next step is setting up the delivery of our certificates.  We are going to setup 2 delivery options.  The first is going to email the certificate to our participant directly.  By default, there’s already an email delivery there, so we’re just going to edit those settings.  For the “To” address, we’re going to pick the merge field for the email address (if you don’t have an email field in your document, pick the << Other >> option then type in something like {$EmailTo}).  Feel free to modify any of the other settings

Our 2nd delivery is going to send our document back into Infusionsoft and save it attached to our contact record.  To setup this delivery, click New Delivery then pick Infusionsoft from the list.  You’ll be asked to pick the contact’s email address and you’ll want to use the same merge field that you used in the email delivery.

Once you have the deliveries all setup, we’re ready to setup the integration with Infusionsoft!  Before we leave WebMerge, let’s jump over to the Merge tab and grab this document’s Merge URL.  This will come in handy very soon.  Go ahead and copy that URL.

Ok, let’s jump over to Infusionsoft and setup the integration with WebMerge so that our Infusionsoft data is automatically sent over to WebMerge.  We’re going to use the Campaign Builder to setup a workflow so that when we mark a “task” (we’re going to add the classes as tasks) as complete in Infusionsoft, it will trigger the merge.

From the Campaign Builder, we’re going to add a new Goal and pick “Completes a Task” as the trigger for the goal.

Next, we’re going to add a Sequence to the process and connect it up to the goal we just created.  This will trigger the workflow when the goal is reached and fire off the sequence.

Go ahead and click inside the sequence and we’re going to need to add an HTTP POST item to the process (located under the Process section).

Double click the HTTP POST item and it will pull up settings for the POST.  This is where you’re going to enter your document’s Merge URL and then define each of the merge fields that you want to send over to WebMerge (don’t use the brackets, just the name of the merge field).

Once you have all of those settings saved, go ahead and save the campaign.  You’re all done!  Now, when you mark a task as completed for one of your contacts, their information will be sent over to WebMerge and the certificate will be generated.

Go ahead and give it a try!  Here’s what our certificate looked like when generated from Infusionsoft:

That’s pretty cool, right?  Can you think of any other ways that you could use WebMerge simplify your paperwork process?

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