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April 29, 2015

Gather Better Leads and Keep Them with Formstack and WebMerge

Closing deals and retaining customers is hard enough without the internal workflows you also have to manage. Moving customers and clients through the sales process requires a certain momentum that can often be clogged by manual systems. With technology today, there's no reason for your sales team to be working with paper forms and documents. Online form provider, Formstack, gives you the ability to quickly set up online forms for lead capture. And WebMerge helps you easily document and file that information automatically. With the two combines, your sales team is sure to create a stronger workflow, leading to speedier deals.

Here are a few ways you can use Formstack and WebMerge today:

Make it easy for customers to say, “yes!”

Once a customer or client has shown interest in your company, you want to make the process simple for them. Often times, businesses make customers jump through hoops just to get an agreement filled out and signed. This causes frustration and a temptation to quit for customers.

With Formstack, you can make it easy for your customers to digitally sign an agreement online. Just need their basic info? No problem. You can also use Formstack to quickly build a lead generation form in minutes. Their simple form builder requires no coding knowledge and you can easily embed a form on your website for quick conversions. You can even A/B test for optimal conversion rates!

Simplify your workflow

Creating a streamlined internal workflow is key in optimizing conversions and increasing customer loyalty. The less time your employees spend on organizing and filing paperwork, the more time they can spend on engaging new customers and maintaining relationships with current ones.

Once you’ve collected information from Formstack, you can easily populate the data directly into WebMerge. When you integrate the two, customer information will automatically be sent to WebMerge where we will create dynamic contracts, agreements and more depending on what you need. Simply create a template and WebMerge, and we’ll do the rest.

Create dynamic content based on feedback

Customized content is key to increasing engagement for potential and current customers. People want relevant information that is valuable to them. To keep customers coming back, leverage the information you gather to provide unique email marketing campaigns, discounts and more. Continue sending relevant information to customers and use these touch points to increase engagement.

Want to know more about how Formstack and WebMerge work together? Check out this post!

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