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December 01, 2014

Four Ways to use Formstack and WebMerge this Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us and although most of us are channeling good tidings, there’s a lingering feeling of year-end stress. With gifts to purchase and events to plan, your workload may be taking a bit of a hiatus if you don’t get things into tip-top shape. Don’t worry! WebMerge, a document automation platform, and Formstack, an online form builder, are the perfect combination to make you more productive and save you time. Get back to enjoying the holidays and use WebMerge and Formstack for these following items: 

1. Customized letters to customers
Customer engagement is key to loyalty. If you’d like to keep retention high, create customized letters to your network of customers, and even partners. In the age of emails and e-cards, nothing beats a thoughtful note, delivered by mail. If you’re using Formstack as a lead generation tool, collect names and email addresses through the form, and WebMerge will automatically plugin the dynamic content in a pre-built holiday letter that you can create within WebMerge or upload as a PDF or Word document. It’s automated, simple and fast. 

2. Year-end employee reviews
Letting reviews slip through the cracks can be easy when you’re managing so many different responsibilities. Quickly collect employee and management feedback via a Formstack form. Then, WebMerge will automatically populate a document, allowing for you to quickly send reviews to the necessary parties. You can even set up an integration with Box or Dropbox, which will enable Webmerge to automatically send completed documents to the folders you select. It’s the fastest way to collect information, populate a document and automatically save them in the cloud. 

3. Holiday event ticketing
Planning a holiday event for your company or clients? Finding it difficult to quickly setup and create tangible tickets? With Formstack and WebMerge on your planning committee, you’re sure to get it under control quickly. Simply create an online form through Formstack, collecting the name, contact and payment information from your guests. Then, after you’ve integrated it with WebMerge, you’ll be able to automatically populate tickets that can be emailed to your attendees as soon as they’re created. 

4. Q4 & 2014 Reporting
Year-end reporting is an inevitable beast to all companies and all departments. But while you’re prepping for the new year, organizing personal holiday planning, and a million other items on your list, creating in-tepth reports can seem quite tedious. With Formstack and WebMerge, you’ll be able to quickly create reports and get back to… well, anything else. Create a Formstack form that includes fields of all numbers and details you need to include. First, create a template in WebMerge that leaves blanks for the dynamic data you’ll be inputting. Lean on your team to fill them out, avoiding the back-and-forth emails. Once they’ve submitted all the information, WebMerge will quickly populate your pre-built document. From there, we’ll send then straight to Dropbox, Box or save them to your computer. It’s all organized and ready for you to send off to management! 

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