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August 15, 2014

Four Ways to Increase Sales Team Efficiency

When running a sales team, efficiency is key. A stall in the process could cost you time, talent and money. It could also lead to an overall breakdown in communication across your entire company, leading to missed sales opportunities and profit loss. Don’t fret just yet! WebMerge has put together a few key things to focus on when increasing sales team efficiency.

1. Implement tools that accelerate the pipeline.

Your sales team can only be as successful as the tools you provide them. If they have to jump through hoops to create certain documents, track down customer information and more, this creates a bottleneck in your sales cycle, potentially leading to a lost customer.

One of the areas where sales reps slow down the most is documentation. There’s nothing more frustrating than nearly closing a deal and realizing the heap of paperwork you must complete in order to do so. With WebMerge, your sales reps will move faster, process documents faster and close faster than ever. Its simple application allows you to create, save and send presentations and one-sheeters, contracts, purchase orders and more. Take back the hours of time your team has spent copying and pasting information and instead dedicate it to selling more and closing deals.

2. Find creative ways to motivate the team.

Most sales reps are driven by numbers, but this can often result in fatigue and motivation loss. Get creative with ways to motivate and socialize their goals and successes among the team. Create an environment that provides both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. The more you socialize your team and create a supportive culture, the better they’ll perform as individuals and as a selling machine.

3. Continuous coaching.

80 percent of culture is defined by the leaders of an organization, or perhaps in your case, the sales team. In order to maintain the standards you expect from your sales team, you must continuously coach them on the principles they must uphold, the goals they must meet and any individual feedback/support they need.

4. Create a consistent flow of movement
Sales teams perform best when all the pieces of the management process follow a rhythm of high performing standards and schedules. If you implement the right tools, such as WebMerge, and continously monitor the motion of the most successful sales team members, you’ll be able to standardize a process that works for everyone.

Are you ready to kick it into high gear and start selling more? WebMerge integrates with SalesForce, Formstack and other sales team applications. Try it free today!

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