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April 16, 2019

Acquisition Announcement: Formstack Acquires WebMerge

We’re excited to announce that WebMerge has been acquired by Formstack, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company with a mission to transform the way people collect information and put it to work. WebMerge will further enhance Formstack’s document automation product, Formstack Documents—which helps transform data into fully designed, customized PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and more. 

Since our launch in 2011, WebMerge has built up a user base of more than 3,000 customers across 80 countries, and to date, those users have processed more than 50 million documents. We love helping organizations save time and money by cutting out manual document  generation, and we’re really excited about what the future holds with Formstack. 

We know you may have a few questions, so we’d like to address some of those questions here. 
I don’t use Formstack for form building. Can I still use WebMerge?
Absolutely! We’re still dedicated to helping organizations like yours stay as efficient and productive as possible. So you’ll be able to continue transforming your form data into PDFs, Word documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations using your preferred form builder.
Will any of my other integrations be affected by this acquisition?
This acquisition will not impact any of WebMerge’s existing integrations. You will be able to continue to use your favorite integrated tools as well as any integrations you’ve established yourself using Zapier or webhooks. 
Do I need a Formstack account to continue to use WebMerge/Formstack Documents?
Nope! The acquisition will not impact how you log in to WebMerge. However, if you use Formstack and WebMerge, you can now log in to your WebMerge account using your Formstack details. 
I’m a part of the WebMerge partner program. Will this acquisition change my partnership status?
We love the companies we’ve partnered with to help organizations with document automation and process management. So don’t worry! The acquisition won’t have any impact on our partner program. 
Will the document builder or other features be changing?
While we may update some features in the future, there will be no direct changes as a result of this acquisition. 
What is going to change?
There will be no change to how you and your organization currently use WebMerge, but you may notice some small updates. For example, we’ll be updating the logo on our homepage to say WebMerge by Formstack, but that’s about it!  

If you still have questions, we’re here to help. Please reach out to us, and we’ll work to address any of your concerns as soon as possible. If you’d like to receive future updates about Formstack and WebMerge, feel free to sign up for our newsletter


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