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November 06, 2013

Focus on Your Business, Not Data Entry

Let’s face it; nobody likes to sit behind a computer all day reading data from a piece of paper (most often a paper form that has been filled out) and entering it on the computer.  It’s simply a waste of time.  With the help of an online form with a connection to WebMerge, you can easily collect that data online and automatically merge it with a Word document or PDF.

Think of all the time you’ll save!  Each time a document is created, we can email it directly to you and you can save in your files.  Or if you are using the cloud, we have integrations with major cloud storage services.  This will greatly increase the efficiency of your data collection process and allow you to focus on how to capitalize on that data.

If you are using WebMerge for internal processes, you can skip the online form.  We provide a basic data entry screen that would allow you to generate documents.  Or if you have a spreadsheet full of the data for your document, you can upload that spreadsheet and we’ll generate all of the documents you need.  This is great for people who export their data from a 3rd party (say, a follow up sales sheet for someone who attended an event you hosted on Eventbrite).

At WebMerge we try our best to help you automate your business and the documents you create every day.  By providing these features, our hope is that you can rethink how you create those documents and get you back to focusing on what really matters.

How can your data entry people benefit from WebMerge?

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