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October 31, 2013

Empower Your Sales Teams with Automated Agreements

Your sales team does a great job talking with customers, telling your story, and helping prospects understand the need for your product.  They’ve gone through the process with a prospect and they’re at the last step – signing on the dotted line. 

To complete the sale, the sales agent must put together the agreement, entering specific information for the deal, and then send it to the customer.   Seems easy enough, but what this requires the agent to go through the agreement (which likely came from a template) and replace all of the generic information (name, address, prices, terms, etc) with the customer’s info.

With WebMerge, you can upload the generic agreement and we’ll automatically generate a simple data entry form for your sales agent to use to generate the agreement for the customer.  You can even integrate the agreement with RightSignature so that the customer can sign via e-signature and the entire process can be completed in minutes!

With the flexibility of our document types, you can even generate customized agreements that are created using the data that is sent in the merge.  For this, you will probably want to setup an online form using a service like Formstack and then you can allow the sales agent to choose specific information that should be included in the agreement.

Your sales team should be focused on selling your products, not worrying about creating the agreements.  Are there other documents that your sales team uses that could be generated with WebMerge?

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