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October 01, 2014

Customer Story: Neighborhood Watch Organization Saves Lives With WebMerge

Flatbush Shomrim Safety Patrol (FSSP), an organization dedicated to keeping its local community safe, recently implemented WebMerge, the leading online documentation automation platform, and experienced life-saving results. The volunteer organization relies heavily on the speed of documentation in order to quickly alert its community of missing persons. Daniel Teitelbaum, FSSP volunteer, said it was the only solution it could find that solved this problem.
"We knew we had to make this process faster," said Teitelbaum. "We looked for other solutions, but WebMerge was the only one that worked for us. Other New York organizations like ours could definitely benefit if they knew something like WebMerge even existed."
The Problem
According to Teitelbaum, the old process of submitting a missing person took anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. When the FSSP responded to a hotline call regarding a missing person, Teitelbaum or a fellow volunteer processed the information from the dispatcher, then relayed it to a coordinator who is responsible for manually entering the information into Microsoft Word to create a PDF flyer. This process added time that FSSP couldn't afford to spend. People's lives were at stake.
Teitelbaum stated that in order to speed things up, the FSSP had to implement a system that would allow them to create, submit and distribute PDF documents on-the-fly. While the FSSP has three coordinators and approximately forty members, there wasn't enough help to get these notifications out faster.
The Solution
Then Teitelbaum discovered WebMerge. WebMerge focuses on fast-tracking the document creation process, allowing the FSSP and other organizations to upload and merge data, create and customize templates, and send finalized documents automatically through its application.
"We wanted an instant solution that could work from a mobile phone, without the need for a computer or the need to involve a coordinator," said Teitelbaum. "Now any of our volunteers can submit a missing person report through their phone and automatically create a PDF flyer."
Teitelbaum implemented WebMerge with JotForm, an online form builder. The FSSP now creates a mobile-optimized form with JotForm that also has image upload capabilities and is accessible via a URL. The first FSSP member on the scene inputs the information using his mobile phone and snaps a picture of the missing person from a photo the family may have. The data from the form is automatically sent to WebMerge, and WebMerge formats it into a PDF. FSSP customized the template to look like a typical "Missing Persons" flyer and every time the data is uploaded, each flyer looks consistent.
After merging the information with the template, WebMerge automatically delivers the finalized PDF to the coordinators via email, as well as to the member who submitted the information, who can then disseminate the PDF flyer to the entire organization if necessary.
The Results
Teitelbaum reports that by using WebMerge and JotForm, his team saves about 40 minutes per instance. As other businesses and organizations use WebMerge to speed up documentation to then spend that time on other, more important tasks, the FSSP values WebMerge simply because a faster process could mean a saved life.
"Every second counts when it comes to potentially saving a life," said Teitelbaum. "WebMerge can potentially mean the difference between life or death for the people we are trying to help."

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