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February 18, 2014

Easily Collect Rental Applications

Collecting all of the information needed for a rental application can be a daunting task for everyone involved.  Normally, the application is so jam-packed with questions that it’s hard to make sure you answered all of the required information and didn’t leave out any details.  Then, when that application is submitted to the rental company, all of that information is then manually entered into the system by the leasing agent.  There’s a better solution!

Simply setup an online form that collects all of the renter’s information in an organized manor.  Split up the questions into better sections that are easy to read, add pages so it doesn’t look like one giant form, and make it look “easy” to fill out.  Once they submit the form, have that information automatically be sent to your property management software so that it doesn’t have to manually be entered.

Most companies require signatures for rental applications, so we can use WebMerge to generate a PDF version of the application (that looks exactly like the one they would have filled out on paper) and that can be handed off to one of the E-Signature Delivery options and they’ll take care of collecting the signature.

This may seem like a very simple task for a prospect to fill out an application on paper, but in today’s world, no one likes filling out paper forms.  The best user experience is an online form that is very easy to use and walks them through the process.  This is just one way you can use WebMerge to automatically generate applications.  Can you think of any other applications that you generate in your business?

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