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November 12, 2013

Ditch the Paper and Pencil - Make it Easy For Your Customers

In today’s world, just about everyone has immediate access to the internet and they’ve seamlessly integrated their lives around it.  Gone are the days where you need to have your customers fill out forms on paper, and then scan or fax those documents back to you.  Customers now expect to be able to easily fill out information from the comfort of their computer or their mobile device.

Think of the time it would save your patients if they could fill out those necessary medical history forms online before coming into the office.  They could have everything filled out and ready to go by the time the stepped into your office and it would save your front desk staff time having to collect that information, try to read the patient’s handwriting, and then eventually scanning the form into the computer
We’ve all had times where it felt like the paperwork was never going to end.  Form after form, most often collecting similar information that could be collected once then used on the other forms.  With WebMerge, you could link all of these documents together so that they could all be generated at once using the same information (names, addresses, etc).  All saving your customers time down the road when they complete the rest of the forms.

Most often, these forms need to be signed as well.  No problem!  With WebMerge, you can send your documents directly to RightSignature and they will take care of the e-signature process.  Hopefully you are starting to see how the need for paper and pencil obsolete with the technology today.

Do you have any paper forms that your customers (or even internal staff) fill out on a daily basis?  Let’s try to get those automatically filled out by WebMerge!

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