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July 28, 2017

#MergeMasters - South End Capital Corporation

In our #MergeMasters series, we like to highlight how customers are using WebMerge and highlight the impact WebMerge has had on their business.  Today, we're highlighting South End Capital Corporation, a nationwide, non-conforming lender for all types of business loans.

Company Name: South End Capital Corporation
Industry: Financial Services
Apps Used: WebMerge + Podio

Can you tell us a little about your business?

South End Capital Corporation “SECC”, founded in 2009, is a nationwide, non-conforming lender (CA Finance Lenders License # 603 L334) providing small balance commercial and investment residential real estate loans, business loans, and merchant cash advance (MCA) consolidation loans.

SECC offers easy online applications, excellent service, prompt responses, generous compensation to approved partners, and custom tailored loans—we evaluate actual need, not just the application.

Walk us through what solution you were using before WebMerge.

Before WebMerge, we used Excel spreadsheets and Adobe Acrobat to create and issue loan proposals.

What problems were you running into that led you to search for WebMerge?

We had a lack of automation, process inefficiencies, time delays that got in the way of us closing loans.

How are the things different for you now that you use WebMerge?

We were able to integrate WebMerge with Podio and Google Mail to automatically issue PDF proposals to clients directly from Podio. It has significantly cut down on time to proposal issuance and created a much more streamlined and efficient process.

Can you estimate how much time you are saving with WebMerge?

We save at least 8 - 10 hours / week with WebMerge!

Can you summarize in one sentence what difference has WebMerge made for your business?

WebMerge has improved our workflow efficiency, saved time and created better and more efficient results for us and our clients.


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