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September 08, 2017

#MergeMasters - Nextlaw Labs, Dentons

In our #MergeMasters series, we like to highlight how customers are using WebMerge and highlight the impact WebMerge has had on their business.  Today, we're highlighting Nextlaw Labs, a business accelerator part of the global law firm Dentons.

Company Name: Nextlaw Labs, Dentons
Industry: Business Services
Apps Used: WebMerge

Can you tell us a little about your business?

Nextlaw Labs is a business accelerator focused on investing in, developing and deploying new technologies to transform the practice of law. It is an autonomous, wholly owned subsidiary of global law firm Dentons with physical and virtual locations in technology centers worldwide.

Through complementary and strategic partnerships with leading technology companies, startups, other business accelerators and established legal vendors, Nextlaw Labs will invest in promising companies and develop a suite of new technologies that fundamentally change the practice of law, improving client service and enhancing client solutions.

Walk us through what solution you were using before WebMerge.

We were using Microsoft Excel.

What problems were you running into that led you to search for WebMerge?

We did not have a consistent way of capturing applications for investment into our pipeline and preparing a presentable deliverable. It was also all performed manually, which was not the most efficient use of our manpower.

How are the things different for you now that you use WebMerge?

The whole process of application has been automated. Our BD manager does not have to transpose the application from email onto MS Excel and then prepare the output deliverable when asked to do so.

Can you estimate how much time you are saving with WebMerge?

We are saving roughly 2-5 hours per week based on the number of applications submitted that week.

Can you summarize in one sentence what difference has WebMerge made for your business?

No more copy and paste!


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