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March 16, 2018

#MergeMasters - Kuester Management Group

As a part of the Kuester Companies, Kuester Management Group (KMG) specializes in the management of community association throughout North Carolina, South Caroline, Georgia, and West Virgina. Currently, they manage over 200 communities encompassing 40,000 homeowners. With this many customers, Kuester Management Group needed an efficient way to streamline their property management processes. We caught up with them to hear more about how they automate their workflows with Formstack Documents. 

The Problem

KMG wanted a way to automate their cumbersome check request process. As a third party management company and fiduciary, KMG must keep accurate and comprehensive accounting records for each of their properties. In their old process, this led to a lot of paper copies.  means either paper copies or electronic documents. Check requests were being printed, filled out, signed and passed around the office for different approvals until finally the check was actually cut. This process was unnecessarily time-consuming with several bottlenecks impeding the office's productivity. The excessive amount of paper files resulted in a lot of printing, scanning, faxing, and manual document completion. Ultimately, getting approvals on check requests and other documents took nearly two weeks.

The Solution

As a branch of Kuester company, the KMG office experienced especially long turnaround times because staff wasn't able to simply walk into an office for an approval. Our branch offices were experiencing longer turnaround times because they were not able to physically walk the paperwork around the office. KMG described their problem saying, "approvals would sometimes sit in a team members inbod for days before it was finally sent to the right place." To avoid service disuptions, late fees, and angry vendors, we adopted a Formstack Forms and Documents workflow.  had no idea how many check requests were outstanding and many just became lost in the process.

Learn more: Follow this tutorial to see how easy it is to use Formstack Forms and Formstacks Documents together. 

The Outcome

With their new, streamlined process, KMG was able to improve their customer experience and speed up their check request workflows. "We paired Formstack Forms and Documents to help us speed up our check request process. In doing do, we cut down our processing time from two weeks to three days," said a KMG representitive. This new system saves KMG 80 hours a month which they can use to better support their clients. 

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