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May 05, 2017

#MergeMasters - Excelerated Performance Ltd

In our #MergeMasters series, we like to highlight how customers are using WebMerge and highlight the impact WebMerge has had on their business.  Today, we're highlighting Excelerated Performance Ltd, a sales and business development consultant for non-sales or technical sales people.

Company Name: Excelerated Performance Ltd
Industry: Management Consulting Services
Apps Used: WebMerge

Can you tell us a little about your business?

We provide sales and business development capabilities for non-sales or technical sales people

Walk us through what solution you were using before WebMerge.

We didn't have anything before WebMerge

What problems were you running into that led you to search for WebMerge?

We couldn't find a cost effective and flexible way to automate a form submission leading to a PDF report being sent to the user. Spent years looking if I'm honest! Was about to pay a high price for a developer to do it for me (and I wouldn't have had flexibility to change things after either). Found Webmerge and have total control over the design (Excel) and it works perfectly.

How are the things different for you now that you use WebMerge?

As above. Cost-effectively achieving what I wanted.

Can you estimate how much time you are saving with WebMerge?

Not so much the time (as I'd have paid for a developer to solve) but I've saved $thousands for my particular challenge. Plus I have all the other functionality you provide too. Big fan!

Can you summarize in one sentence what difference has WebMerge made for your business?

At this stage it's solved a frustrating problem I've had for years which I gave up on until now


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