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October 06, 2017

#MergeMasters - Alliance Theatre Education

In our #MergeMasters series, we like to highlight how customers are using WebMerge and highlight the impact WebMerge has had on their business.  Today, we're highlighting Alliance Theatre Education, a regional theatre.

Company Name: Alliance Theatre Education
Industry: Nonprofit Charitable Organizations
Apps Used: WebMerge + Formstack + DocuSign

Can you tell us a little about your business?

We are the education department of a producing regional theatre. This means we produce original plays (12 a year) and our department provides education programming to complement the season (acting classes, summer camp, in school programs, etc.)

Walk us through what solution you were using before WebMerge.

Document merge with Microsoft Word and Excel

What problems were you running into that led you to search for WebMerge?

My volume increased dramatically, so I needed a more efficient solution.

How are the things different for you now that you use WebMerge?

I can create many different LOAs from one from created in Formstack. The documents are emailed automatically and because I also integrate with DocuSign, the signed documents are saved to my cloud account.

The process is smoother and much more self-sufficient.

Can you estimate how much time you are saving with WebMerge?

I don't know how much time I save, but I am certain that I would not be able to meet my workload without WebMerge.

Can you summarize in one sentence what difference has WebMerge made for your business?

WebMerge has revolutionized my artist agreements and raised the professional profile of my company by enabling me to create aesthetically pleasing, intricate letters of agreement in moments.


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