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March 24, 2014

Create a Sales Contract from Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a leading software platform for small business sales and marketing.  From managing contacts, sales opportunities, marketing campaigns, and more, Infusionsoft gives you the flexibility to easily manage your business.  In this example we are going to show you how to automatically generate a sales contract from a new Opportunity in your Infusionsoft account.  We’ll also be using Zapier to connect WebMerge and Infusionsoft.

To get started, let's setup the contract template in WebMerge.  We’ll put some basic information about the company, the notes of the opportunity, the amount of the project, and the contact person.

Now that we have the document setup, we need to setup the integration between Infusionsoft and WebMerge.  We’re going to use Zapier which will allow you to automatically send infusionsoft data to WebMerge.

From inside Zapier, go ahead and create a new Zap and select Infusionsoft > New Opportunity as the trigger and WebMerge > Create New Document as the action. 

Follow the steps the authenticate the account and the last step will be to select the WebMerge document you want to merge and then map the Infusionsoft fields to your WebMerge document fields.

After you save the Zap, let’s jump into Infusionsoft and create a new Opportunity.  We’ll just enter some test information for the purposes of this test

Once you save the opportunity, Zapier will automatically detect the new record and then it will be forwarded to WebMerge.  We’ll automatically generate the contract and send it to you!

That’s it!  Can you think of some other ways to use WebMerge and Infusionsoft?

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