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November 07, 2013

Create a PDF Application from your Formdesk submissions

Formdesk is a tool that allows you to design your own online forms such as applications, order forms, surveys, and registration forms.  Formdesk has just launched a new feature that has WebMerge as a pre-defined webhook to automatically send your form submissions to WebMerge!  In this example, we’re going to show you how to create a simple job application form that connects with a WebMerge PDF.

First, let’s setup the PDF within WebMerge.  We’ve created a fillable PDF beforehand using Nitro PDF and will upload that to a new document we create in WebMerge.  This PDF collects some basic information about the applicant.

Once we upload the PDF, we are going to skip ahead to the Merge tab for the document.  For Formdesk, we are going to need to grab the Merge URL for our document and save that for later when setting up the webhook within Formdesk.

Now, let’s jump into Formdesk and take a quick peek at our form.  Again, this is just a basic form to show how this integration works.  As you will see, we are collect the basic information like name, address, email, etc.

Once the form is all setup, we are going to setup the Webhook.  To do this, you’ll want to go to the settings tab inside your form editing screen and click the Webhooks section on your left.  Next, we’re going to add a new webhook and select WebMerge from the dropdown at the top.  At the bottom of this page, you’ll see a spot for “URL” – this is where you will want to copy & paste your Merge URL you grabbed earlier from in WebMerge.

Our next step is to make sure all of the fields from your form are sent over to WebMerge.  To do this, we’ll need to click the Data tab that is on the left and that will open up a field mapping screen.  If your identifiers for your form already match the fieldnames you used in your PDF, all you need to do is check the “Add all form data” checkbox.  If you have other fields that you would like to send over using a different name, simply add them in the field mapping settings

Go ahead and save the Webhook and you’re done!  Run a few test submissions to make sure all of your data is coming through to WebMerge properly.  You should receive your PDF via email (or via the delivery options that you have setup within WebMerge).

For more information, please take a look at the help document by Formdesk

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