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September 10, 2013

Ditch the Paper Filings: Create and Organize Online Contracts with Ease

When you’re managing an office, the dreaded task of paperwork is an inevitable part of your responsibilities. Distributing vital information to clients, patients or customers is imperative. Documenting the necessary information in an organized manner is crucial. However, finding the most efficient way of accomplishing all of this should be at the top of your priority list.

According to the New York Times, “paperwork, or documentation, takes up as much as a third of a physician’s workday; and for many practicing doctors, these administrative tasks have become increasingly intolerable, a source of deteriorating professional morale.”

Imagine those dedicated hours on paperwork spread across all industries involving some time of administrative tasks. To even attempt to measure that would be insane.

In order to continue growing your business, you cannot afford to overlook the time you spend on administrative and office management. Any time spent on these pieces of your business is time spent away from marketing, networking and expanding the company you’ve built. So stick the paperwork with companies of the past, and implement a new way of doing things. How? Well, we may not be able to lick the stamps and refill the bathroom toilet paper, but what WebMerge can do is help you better organize your client contracts, patient registration forms, and more.

Here are three things you can do right now with WebMerge’s integrations that will help you ditch the paper filing and streamline your data gathering, storing, and sharing process.

1. Streamline your Data Intake Process
How many hours have you spent punching in information that your patients, clients or customers have filled out on a paper form? The redundancy is nothing less than maddening. To cope with that, use a simple online form service like Formstack to collect and manage your data. Once you integrate it with WebMerge, you can easily populate contracts with the necessary information, creating a shockingly simple process, leaving you more time to… well, do anything else.

2. Implement a Cloud-Based Storage Software
Saving your documents on a hard drive or in a filing cabinet may seem like the safest option, but really, cloud software can provide a more secure, long-term solution to your paper filing woes. With options like Google Drive, Box, and DropBox, you can easily store and share documents only with people you choose. Create complex contracts with ease in WebMerge and quickly send them off to any of these solutions in seconds.

3. Get Documents Signed Faster
There are so many different ways finalizing a signed contract can be delayed. With the inundating amount of communication outlets, it’s no wonder your clients have trouble figuring out the best way to sign and return the necessary documents. With WebMerge, you can create customized contracts and agreements that will streamline your paperwork process. You can even send documents over to RightSignature to be signed within minutes. Think about how many emails (and headaches) that would save you!

Learn more about how you can save time and streamline your documentation process with WebMerge today. Sign up for a free trial [add link] or our newsletter [add link] to learn more.

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