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February 10, 2012

Create Contracts from Highrise Contacts Using itDuzzit and WebMerge

Need to generate contracts for contacts that you have stored in your Highrise account? No problem!  Highrise does not provide any way to automatically send data to WebMerge so we are going to use a service called itDuzzit (www.itDuzzit.com), which provides great integration connectors.

Since we have already covered on how to create a document WebMerge, I will skip that part and get right to the good stuff.  Simply assume I have created a nice looking contract with the appropriate field placeholders that I will be grabbing from Highrise.

In my itDuzzit account, the first thing we need to do is setup connections for both WebMerge and Highrise so that we can grab data via the API.  Click the Connections link at the top, then add WebMerge and Highrise connections (entering the appropriate API information).

Now, I am going to create new, blank “duzzit”, and name it Highrise Contract.  From here I am sent to the editing platform of the duzzit.  Since the duzzit is blank, I’m going to have to add a “do” and choose the “Highrise Contact Get” option.  With this action, you have 2 options to find a contact: Person Id and Email.  I’m going to choose to use Email.  Now, in order for the duzzit to ask me what email to use, I need to create a new Input Value called “contact email”.  After I create that, I can map the Email input from the Highrise Get Contact to my input value I just created (click the “select” link on the right hand side of text field and choose Input Values).

Now that you have the duzzit grabbing your Highrise contact, now it is time to send that data over to WebMerge.  To do this, drag the “+ do” icon onto your duzzit underneath the Highrise Contact Get info.  This will popup an option to select the action you want to take – go ahead and select WebMerge.  Then choose the Merge Document action.  From here, choose your Contract document from the dropdown list, then map fields from your document to the Highrise fields (similar to how you mapped the email above, except now you will use Called Duzzit Values).

Here is the easy part.  Once I am finished mapping all of my fields, I am going to click “Done Editing” in the right corner and I am taken back to the dashboard for the duzzit.  You should see a form on the page asking for “contact email”.  Here is where the magic happens.  To run the duzzit, simply enter the email address of one of your Highrise contacts and click Do It Now.  This will automatically find the contact, map the fields, and send the data to your WebMerge document to be merged.  That’s it!

Now, it would be nice to enter some other data to be put in this contract that might not be in the contact data and changes from contract to contract (e.g. pricing).  To add these to the duzzit form, add new fields like you did the contact email (under Input Values).  Make sure to map those input fields to one of your document fields.

The possibilities are endless with itDuzzit – they have a ton of other integrations with services from all over the web.  Check them out and let us know if we can help you setup those integrations.

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