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June 17, 2015

Create a Building Inspection Report from iFormBuilder

For all of you out there with teams in the field collecting data with paper and pencil, we’d like to introduce you to the mobile form expert, iFormBuilder.  With iFormBuilder you can setup mobile forms that your field reps can fill out on their mobile devices and that data is immediately sent to HQ. 

Then, add WebMerge into the mix and you can automatically generate reports of that data to share with the test of your team.  In this example, we’re going to show you how you can automatically generate a building inspection report after an inspection has taken place.

The first step in the process is setting up our report template in WebMerge.  We’re going to use the online builder to setup our template, so go ahead and click the New Document button, give it a good name, then choose the “Build Your Own” option.

On the next step, you’re going to setup your template in the editor.  To add merge field tags (where you want your data to go), you’ll use tags like {$InspectionDate}, {$BuildingAddress}, etc.  Simply type in these merge fields like you do other text in the document. We’re also going to add a few images (more info here) placeholders to the template for images that will be uploaded on the form.  Here’s what our report template looks like:

Once we have our document setup, let’s jump over to the Settings tab and turn on Test Mode + Debug (we’ll use this in a little bit), plus turn on the Field Map setting located under the Advanced Options section.  We’ll be using the Field Map a little bit later too.

Ok great, now we’re ready to start the integration process with iFormBuilder.  Before you leave WebMerge, go to the Merge tab for your document and you’re going to see a Merge URL.  This is a unique URL for your document that you’ll use in iFormBuilder.  Go ahead and copy that URL, then let’s jump over to iFormBuilder.

Inside iFormBuilder, we’ve already setup our inspection form, so that’s all ready to go.  Now what we need to do is setup the form to automatically send information to our WebMerge document.  To do this, we’re going to go to the Form Assignments page, pick our form, then click the Assign button.

After you’ve selected your form, you’ll be taken to a page that has a section called “Post Data”.  This is where you are going to setup the data feed to WebMerge.  Go ahead and click “New Endpoint”.  Give it a name, then enter your document’s Merge URL for the Endpoint URL.  The data format will be “JSON” and you’ll use “application/json” as the content type.

After you save the endpoint, we’re ready to run a test submission through so that we can match up our document fields with the fields that iFormBuilder will be sending over.  Go ahead and submit a test record, then jump over to WebMerge and go to the Overview tab for your document.  On the Overview page, you should see a “View Data” button in your Recent Merges section.  Click that and you’ll see the data we are receiving from iFormBuilder.  You can click each of the fields and it will show you the merge codes that you will need to use.

However, instead of updating our document, we’re just going to use the Field Map to easily map our document merge fields with the fields that are coming through from iFormBuilder.  In the corresponding box next to each merge field, go ahead and enter the merge tags like {$_0.record.building_address}.  Here’s what our Field Map looks like:

Great, we’re done!  Now that the field map is complete, we’re ready to run another test record through iFormBuilder and we should receive a populated document with the inspection information.  Here’s what our completed report looks like:

Congrats, you can now save your team hours every day by auto-generating reports!  Are there any other ways that WebMerge and iFormBuilder could help streamline your business?

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