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November 24, 2011

Conditional Sections

Scenario: You are creating a contract for services that will be rendered by your business. In this document you have the general outlines of your services, along with some specific services you will be providing. However, not all contracts are the same. You have a section in the contract for each of your 5 different services you provide and you only want to show the applicable sections.

No problem! You can use conditional sections to only show the selected service sections. Using the built-in “if” statement blocks, you can determine which sections should be displayed based on the data values of the document.

For example:

{if $Variable == 'on'}

This section will display if the value for “Variable” is equal to “on”. This is the case for many checkboxes. The document will continue to display any text in between the “if” block.


For more information on using “if” statements, please take a look at the Smarty documentation here: http://www.smarty.net/docs/en/language.function.if.tpl

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