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July 31, 2019

Collect Employee Contract Signatures Electronically with Zoho Sign

Who needs this tutorial?

If your team spends hours chasing down document approvals or waits weeks for clients to return signed documents, it’s time to upgrade your processes. With WebMerge and Zoho Sign, you can quickly populate contracts, NDAs, employee onboarding documents, and much more. WebMerge now has a direct delivery integration with Zoho Sign so you can quickly and seamlessly collect the eSignatures you need.  

For this example, we’re going to walk you through how to set up this integration to collect eSignatures from new hires on an employee contract. 

What you need to start your Zoho Sign integration.

  1. A contract template with merge fields ({$FirstName}, {$DealName}, etc.)

  2. Zoho Sign account

  3. WebMerge account 

  4. WebMerge API/Secret key

3 easy steps to connect WebMerge with Zoho Sign.

Step 1: Set up your template

As always, we’re going to kick things off by uploading our employee contract template to WebMerge. We’re going to use a pre-built template from the WebMerge website. This employee contract template file is a word document and already contains the merge fields we need like: {$FirstName}, {$Address}, etc.

On top of the usual merge fields, you’ll need to include text tags that Zoho Sign will recognize. Check out this Zoho Sign article for a comprehensive outline of how these tags work. 

You’ll house these tags inside of the following: {literal} {/literal}

On your final template, some specifc Zoho Sign fields might look something like this: 


A few caveats: 

  1. If the recipient number is not mentioned in the document, it will automatically be assigned to the first recipient
  2. If you would like to assign a signature field to a subsequent recipient in the signing process, simply change the format of the tag to {literal}{{Signature:Recipient2}}{/literal}
  3. You can mark text fields and checkboxes as mandatory fields using an asterisk "*"

Upload your template to WebMerge and move on to step two! 
Step 2: Set up delivery

Now that we’ve uploaded our template to WebMerge, it’s time to set up our Zoho Sign delivery. 
Under the “Deliver” tab, select “New Delivery.” You’ll find the Zoho Sign integration under the eSignature category. 

After you select your delivery option, you’ll be prompted to login to Zoho Sign. This will grant WebMerge access to the data in your Zoho account. 
Step 3: Add signer information

Next, you’ll be directed to a pop-up box will where you can finish setting up your Zoho Sign delivery. Because you’ve signed into your Zoho Sign account, the “Sender” field will be prepopulated with the account’s associated email. You can change the Sender by selecting "Use Different Account." 


Enter the Request Name / Subject. Under the "Signee,” select the correct merge field for the Name and the Email. Here, you can add additional Signees by selecting the blue "+" sign. If you’re interested in adding more features to your email, select “More Options.” You can set up reminder emails, delay delivery, set an expiration date, and more. 


Wasn’t that easy? Now, you can automatically populate all kinds of documents using this Zoho Sign integration. If you’d like to try this tutorial for yourself, you can get started today with a 14 day free trial

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