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October 31, 2017

Boost Team Productivity with WebMerge + Zapier

Automate everything, together. Our partner, workflow automation tool Zapier, just released Zapier for Teams which makes it easier for your entire team to automate their WebMerge workflows. You can now collaborate on and share automated workflows, aka "Zaps", with teammates.

Zapier for Teams helps you increase your team's productivity, automate business workflows, and ultimately save yourself time.

One way to use WebMerge and Zapier with your team is create a Zap that automatically allows your teams to set up automations to create docs from submissions to the company Typeform account without needing to re-enter credentials:

You can create a shared folder within your Zapier team account and move that Zap to it, so your whole WebMerge team can access that Zap. Once the Zap is added to one of your team's shared folders, anyone on your team will be able to view, edit, or copy the workflow. WebMerge plus a Zapier for Teams account lets all your teammates leverage the full power of automation without the worry of shared logins, the hassle of individual accounts, or teammates asking you to set up Zaps for them.

Have more questions? Read the Zapier for Teams FAQ.

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