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March 27, 2019

3 Noteworthy Benefits of Streamlined Document Creation

Efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction come naturally when your team works together on a well-ordered process. Document control is a key component of creating a process for your business that actually works! Regardless of industry, maintaining your organization's policies and procedures, sales documents, and HR paperwork is integral to quality and success. 

Finding ways to create and share important documents across your organization can be a daunting task. But a consistent, streamlined document assembly process is the foundation of any organization. 

Today, we’d like to share some ways an automated document creation process can improve the daily operations of your organization, as well as offer a few steps to take to implement a system that works for your team. 

Improve Client Relationships 

You can use a variety of documents to cultivate your client relationships. For example, your clients and customers likely appreciate receiving thank you letters, product updates, and newsletters. However, when your team is stretched thin, these documents tend to fall by the wayside. Sometimes, you have other priorities, and it isn’t an option to take the time to send personalized documents to your clients. 

The good news?, Once you have a document creation process in place, regularly sending personalized letters, updates, and thank yous is a breeze! 

The key to making this a part of your document creation process is automation. Establish workflows for your team that make it easy to send thank you letters, receipts, and other personalized customer documents based on a trigger in your CRM, HRM, or other management tool. Automatically sending a personalized response when your clients fill out a form online, request a proposal, or make a payment helps you provide them with the documentation they need without having to think about it. These documents allow you to start meaningful conversations with clients and increase engagement. 

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Meet Important Deadlines

Nothing is more frustrating to your employees (and your customers) than not being able to find the documents they need. As deadlines loom, no one wants to waste valuable time digging for documents or repeatedly submitting information. Implementing a tool like employee or client portals keeps documents easily accessible and helps send reminders to staff when documents need to be completed. For example, an all-too-common frustration in the business world is following up when payments are owed or documents haven’t been returned. Using portals allows you to send reminders to ensure you get the information you need when you need it. Beyond that, portals can store the important documents your clients and staff need access to on a regular basis, such as W-2s and NDAs. 

Keeping all your important documents organized and accessible in a single, secure location helps your team keep to deadlines so they can find, create, or update documents as soon as your clients make a request. 

Avoid Outsourcing Data Entry

Outsourcing data entry opens up your organization to security breaches and human errors. But manually entering data internally can unnecessarily consume a lot of time for your staff. This is why many businesses have started the transition to workflow automation tools for documenstreat generation and management. Initially, taking the time to automate your manual or paper-based systems may seem like a scary prospect, but consider this: eliminating paper workflows means spending less money paying skilled workers to perform menial data entry tasks when they could be innovating for your company.

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Appointing a team of your employees to handle business documentation is expensive and requires a lot of diligence. If your business runs on documentation, monitoring the number of incoming files is a time-depleting task. Online services for document management and generation, like WebMerge, offer you a more efficient way to manage your business processes.  Let WebMerge address your document management needs. Find out more by starting a free trial today

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