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February 16, 2015

Automatically Generate Documents from NetSuite Email Alerts

This guide was written by a fellow WebMerge customer, Mark Petzold, and it highlights a new feature we have launched that allows you to merge documents from simply sending an email!  In this example, we’ll be creating a simple confirmation letter, but you could use this feature to generate contracts, agreements, quotes, and more from your NetSuite account.

This example will use NetSuite saved searches and email alerts to automatically send data from Netsuite to a WebMerge document.

Sample scenario: A welcome letter is created for every new customer and uploaded to a Google Drive folder for printing.

WebMerge Setup

Create a webmerge document.  Add merge fields to the document that will be included in the NetSuite email alert results.


Choose the settings and delivery methods for your WebMerge document.  We’ll be sending this welcome letter via email to our customer and also saving it in Google Drive for our records.  Once you’ve saved the document, jump over the to Merge tab. Under the Integrate and Automate section, make note of the unique ID and Key at the end of the url of your new document.

Every WebMerge document is assigned a unique email address.  Email sent to the unique address will be parsed for relevant fields and processed according to the rules set up in WebMerge.

Just like each document has a unique Merge URL, you'll use the same ID and Key and send an email to document+ID.KEY@webmerge.me - If the merge URL is https://www.webmerge.me/merge/12345/abcde then the email would be document+12345.abcde@webmerge.me

NetSuite Setup

Create a contact record.

In NetSuite, create a contact record and enter the email address of your WebMerge document in the email field.  It is recommended that you name the record WebMerge - DocumentName (where DocumentName is the name of your WebMerge document). Save the record.  Note: Customers, employees, groups, partners, or vendor records can be used as an alternative to contact records.

Create a saved search.

Create a saved search which will output the field data for your WebMerge documents.  Use any criteria that will filter the desired  results.  In the example scenario, a customer search would include criteria that limit the results to customer records that have been created today.  Note: For more information on creating NetSuite saved searches please refer to NetSuite’s help documentation.

On the email tab of the saved search, select “SEND EMAIL ALERTS WHEN RECORDS ARE CREATED/UPDATED”.   Add the WebMerge contact created earlier to the Specific Recipient list.

In the email, each field must have it’s own line, and start with FieldName:

Under Customize Message, add the merge fields in the “SINGLE-RECORD RESULTS” box and ensure that “SEND WITHIN MESSAGE” is checked.  For the sample scenario Date, Address, and Name are added to match the fields in the WebMerge document.

Save the search.  Every time a new customer record is created an email will get sent to WebMerge and a document will be automatically formatted and created.

 - Mark Petzold

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