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March 16, 2013

Automate Your WebMerge Integrations Using Zapier

When we built WebMerge, our highest priority was building a system that would automate your document creation and easily integrate with any service on the web.  Utilizing our API, any service can grab a list of your documents, the fields you have in those documents, and send data to create merged documents.  One service that has taken advantage of our API is an awesome company called Zapier.

Zapier allows you to automate integrations between almost 200 different services – without writing a single line of code!  Create contracts from Salesforce leads, create custom receipts for Stripe payments, and much more!

Setting up a “Zap” is really easy.  Simply choose the service (trigger) where the data will be coming from (Highrise, Freshbooks, etc) and then choose WebMerge as the “action”.  When you select WebMerge, it will give you an option to create a Document Merge or create a Data Route Merge.  Choose that appropriate option based on your needs.

On the next step, Zapier will ask for your account information.  If you have not setup an API Key for WebMerge yet, go to My Account > API Access inside WebMerge and generate a new API Key (give it the name “Zapier”).  Once the API Key is created, you will want to copy the Key and Secret into the setup of Zapier.

Once you’ve setup the account information for each service, you’ll have to select the document (or data route) that you want to send the data to.  After you select the document, it will load the fields from that document.  Simply map those document fields to the fields that are coming from your trigger service – this will tell Zapier what data to send to WebMerge.

When you’ve mapped all the fields, you’re done, run a few tests to make sure everything is setup correctly and then you’re done!  When you are ready to start merging documents, make your Zap live and they’ll take it from there.

We are really excited about this - the possibilities with Zapier are endless!  They are constantly adding new services and integrations.  Feel free to reach out to them directly for help or contact us if you have any questions.

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