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June 12, 2019

#MergeMasters - American Homestay Life International

American Homestay Life International (AHLI) was born of one woman’s drive to guide international students through American cultural experiences. After Ruth Powers hosted her first Japanese student in 1972, she planted a seed for a homestay program that grew into an organization operating across 28 states in partnerships with 150 schools. 
Over the past 25 years, AHLI has matched nearly 15,000 students from 21 countries with homestay and academic programs across the U.S. 

As a document generation company, we know that adds up to a whole lot of paperwork. 

The Problem
AHLI continues to grow and place more and more students, which means sharing documents with international agents everywhere from Kenya to Nepal can be a little tricky. Before adding Formstack Documents to their workflow, AHLI was using data from Salesforce to manually create their documents. This included a 300+ page document that was sent out to their international agents. The sheer size of the document made it difficult to securely share the necessary information, and staff was losing valuable time manually populating documents with Salesforce data. It was clear AHLI needed a better way to get their work done. 

“[Before Formstack Documents ], we couldn't provide live links, access to photo folders, confidential data, or thumbnail photos easily from our Salesforce database.”
Darlene Maxfield
Marketing Associate & HR, AHLI

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The Solution
AHLI is committed to placing students in the best academic and cultural programs. This means working with international agents across 21 countries. Ensuring that domestic and international staff have quick and easy access to the data they need is a top priority. Streamlined access is key to providing the best possible experience for students. Not only did Formstack Documents help AHLI create professional-looking documents, but it also eliminated the manual data entry needed to create their documents. Using Formstack Documents , AHLI automatically populates their documents with data from their Salesforce org. Now, agents have the information they need to prepare students for their programs. 

“We can take complex data from dozens of Salesforce fields, import it into Formstack Documents , and generate documents in Word or PDF format.”
Darlene Maxfield
Marketing Associate & HR, AHLI

The Outcome
Formstack Documents gives AHLI the ability to automatically generate large, professional-looking documents at the click of a button. Now, they don’t have to spend time copying and pasting data from Salesforce or worrying about mistakes resulting from human errors. Using Formstack Documents , they estimate that they are now saving more than 50 hours annually on their document generation process. 

“Everything is better with Formstack Documents !”
Darlene Maxfield
Marketing Associate & HR, AHLI

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