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February 12, 2020

4 Ways to Optimize Your Insurance Agency

Auto. Home. Life. Disability. Health. These are just a few of the insurance policies your customers will lean on you for over the course of a year, helping them reduce risk and gain valuable protection. And with a plethora of plans and information available, these decisions aren’t getting easier. But, what if there was a way for you to alleviate even more pain for your customers, making the insurance process smoother and more seamless for them, while also helping save time for your staff? 

Insurance document automation helps you keep pace with the evolving technology that your customers have grown accustomed to. It’s just not practical anymore to print out long policy documents and have customers sign and fax them back. A better solution is here, and it comes in the form of insurance document automation. 

With these new tools, agencies can merge documents from multiple communication channels into a single location. Insurers can quickly capture and process claim forms, correspondence, and case files — saving your staff time on administrative tasks and freeing them up for more personalized customer service. 

Document Automation Tools Alleviate Insurance Agency Aches

Here are four ways your insurance agency could benefit from a document automation solution: 
  1. Collect all your customer’s data in a single location. Through insurance agency automation tools, customers can fill out requests for quotes, policies, claims, and more from the convenience of their laptop, mobile device, or tablet. Information is then stored in a single location, allowing for quick and easy access any time. By going paperless, these important documents can be completed anywhere. You also have the ability to collect insurance payments and other fees directly on your forms.

Learn More: Need a simple way to store files? Formstack’s Stash integrates with your favorite apps like Formstack, Formstack Documents, and Zapier. 

  1. Simplify critical processes with workflows. By pairing your insurance forms with workflows, you can simplify key processes in the policy lifecycle. There are always updates that need to be made, as well as claims processing and approval needed before a transaction can be completed. Once a form is submitted, multiple team members can review, make edits, and leave comments on a single form. This significantly reduces the time it takes to manage proposals, policies, claims, and other important insurance processes resulting in happier employees (and customers!).
  2. Capture electronic signatures with ease. There’s no doubt that most insurance documents must have a signature to be considered valid. The best insurance automation tools allow you to collect essential eSignatures on all your documents. Customers simply need to open an email or text from you, insert their signature, and hit submit. The best part? Your signed documents can be safely sent to agency management systems like Applied, Vertafore, and QQSolutions.

Learn More: See mobile signature collection in action with this video walkthrough.

No more worrying about private documents being seen by the wrong individuals or being destroyed. When you send out your documents for electronic signature, you can rest assured that the person who sees it will be authorized (plus you can choose to password-protect the signing process of any and all documents sent out for eSigning).

Read More: Learn how you can automatically sign documents with Formstack Sign and Applied Epic. 

  1. Generate important documents on the fly. There are a variety of insurance documents that you must create daily, and insurance automation tools help you standardize these mundane (yet key) document preparation processes. Brokers and agents alike can quickly generate proposals, reports, and policy documents that reduce human error and minimize approval times. No paper, postage, scanning, or faxing needed!

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets Through Automation 

With the proper insurance document automation tools in place, your agency can be an invaluable resource for your customers. Formstack enables agencies to streamline their insurance data, making the process easier for customers and staff by allowing additional time to deliver more tailored customer experiences. All of your customers’ data is easily saved in a secure database or integrated directly with your existing insurance management system.  Plus, Formstack Sign (formerly InsureSign) removes the leg work of tracking down customers to get the signatures you need. What could you stand to gain? Create your first document for free, and start simplifying your insurance documents today!

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