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August 14, 2019

3 Formstack Documents Integrations That Will Instantly Improve Your Workflow

The first step to streamlining the work you do every day with Formstack Documents is by tapping into our suite of over 150 third-party integrations. Now that Formstack Documents is a part of Formstack’s suite of workplace productivity tools, there is a lot of opportunity to improve your document workflows using the direct integrations offered as a part of the platform. 
Do you waste time printing documents for signature collection? Is it a struggle to create WebHooks or Zapier zaps to build your integrations? Do you wish you could streamline how you use data to populate documents? Formstack makes it easy to transform how you accomplish these tasks and more with versatile tools and features. 

Today, we’d like to take a look at three Formstack Documents integrations offered as a part of the Formstack workplace productivity platform that will simplify how you gather data, store documents, and collect signatures. 

#1 Collect data and instantly populate documents. 

Imagine you’re onboarding a new employee to your organization. You need to capture personal information to populate insurance forms, tax paperwork, contracts, and other new hire documents. Why not have the employee fill out one form to populate all of these documents at once? Many of these forms require similar fields, such as first name/last name, social security number, and date of birth. 

Formstack makes it incredibly easy to send data to multiple  documents with the Data Routing feature. Data routes provide users with the ability to send data from one source to multiple documents based on predefined conditions. You’ll set up the rules for your data route in your Formstack Documents account and then use Formstack to map your form fields to the merge fields in your document. 

This workflow can be applied across many different industries, including: 

You only need to set up this data route once. It’s that easy to transform your processes. 

#2 Make electronic document signing a breeze. 

Think about how often your team sends out documents for signatures. Now, imagine reducing that process to a just a few simple clicks. One of Formstack’s newest acquisitions, InsureSign provides users with a direct integration within Formstack Documents. 

The integration with InsureSign comes with great features that let you customize how your merged documents are delivered. If you plan to establish multiple deliveries (for example, if you wanted to send your document to a doc storage tool or add an attachment to an account in Salesforce), you can delay that delivery until the document has been signed. 

Read More: Collect Signatures Faster with InsureSign

#3 Upgrade your document management. 

Once your document has been populated and signed, you’re going to need a safe place to store it. This is where Stash by Formstack comes in. Stash makes document management simple by securely saving all of your files in the cloud. While Stash is a great way to store all of your documents, you can also use it to organize documents collected from your online forms via Formstack’s File Upload field. 

This integration comes with a variety of features to help you customize and sort your file storage. For HR teams, this makes it easy to organize files by department and employee name. Both Formstack Documents and Stash are HIPAA compliant, so it’s safe to store patient health information. You can even share these files with employees, patients, and clients over email or using a public share link. 

Lean More: Check out this support article to learn more about Formstack’s Stash integration.

These integrations work great on their own, but when you use them together, you create a completely streamlined workflow! It’s time to transform the tasks you do everyday. If you’re ready to start streamlining your workflows, get started today with a 14 day free trial

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