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June 27, 2014

3 Top Productivity Apps for the Modern Human Resources Manager

For several companies, big and small, the human resources team has often managed within traditional systems that often feel quite inferior to the fancy sales tools and hip marketing applications other teams are using. Out of any company department, HR has been left with the uncool, dated tools for productivity and organization. But not any more. Human resources applications and software services have been on a rise and we have a few on our list that increase productivity and your quality of life. From note taking to employee engagement to document organization, these tools will help the modern human resources manager feel like the coolest kid at the happy hour table.

Evernote: Keeping your thoughts organized so you don’t have to.

All hail to the glorious, most popular “keep me organized and keep me sane” app that one could ever download. Human resources or not, this tool is able to house every note, every article, and every thought you come across and don’t want to forget. Evernote keeps it all centralized and simple to access. With the ability to tag, search, file and share, this little beast of an application will keep you in tip-top shape as your company, and your career, grows. 

Namely: The new, popular HR app on the block.

Are you a part of a small company that is just getting started with your human resources efforts? With Namely, you can kick-start your HR efforts and keep everything stored in one location. Organize all of your important employee information, payroll, benefits and more in one location. You can even keep team members motivated with its stellar employee engagement features. This is the perfect tool for someone who is pioneering their career in Human Resources at a startup.

WebMerge: The document creator that gives you more time to… do less documenting.

No one enjoys filling out the same forms over and over again. And if you’re in human resources, the amount of routine paperwork is enough to get you down. Don’t let the paper hell crush your dreams just yet. WebMerge helps HR departments all over the world reduce the time they spend on document preparation. From small companies with a growing HR team to large enterprises, WebMerge can automate the new hire process, employee contracts, and more. To read more about how WebMerge helps with all of your human resources tasks, check out the website.

What tools are you using for human resources efforts? We’d love to know! Reach out to us on Twitter at @WebMerge.

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