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May 20, 2015

#MergeMasters Series: Customer Q&A with IZORD

This is a part of our #MergeMasters series where we dive into how customers leverage WebMerge to grow their businesses.

This week, we’re highlighting IZORD, a real estate investment firm. They use Podio, Zapier and WebMerge to keep their documents in line.

Check out the Q&A below!

Can you tell us a little bit about your business?
We are an international real estate company with offices in Paris, France, and Shanghai. We have representation in Doha, Qatar providing both refurbishing services in the French residential sector as well as transaction and asset management services in France for French and international customers.

What problems were you running into that led you to search for WebMerge?
Everything was done manually with Excel. It regularly led to errors and wrong information. We use Podio as our global CRM for all our activity tracking in all fields. In the refurbishing division, they use Podio notably for the provider and customer billing process, and we needed a tool to automatically generate the pdfs.

How are the things different for you now that you use WebMerge? What's changed? What's better?
We decided to use Zapier to connect very effectively Podio with WebMerge. Thanks to that, we are able very easily to merge documents in Webmerge using Podio information. The activity tracking and reporting is way easier. We saved hours of work for the billing process, and we have now a way clearer view of our business development than before.

What are your plans for growth? How do you see WebMerge playing a role in that?
Every time we spot regular tasks with template documents, we check if we can move them to WebMerge.

Can you summarize in one sentence what difference has WebMerge made for your business and for you, personally?
WebMerge allowed us to save time in our business while reducing the risk of errors.

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